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About TGS

TGS - The Garage Sale is our take on SUSTAINABLE architecture, design, and home decor. It’s going to be the first of it’s kind in India featuring designers, leading furniture, and home decor brands from all over the country. We believe that with the ever-changing design trends, furniture and home decor waste is becoming a big environmental concern. While there are a lot of things we want to talk about, most importantly we want to create awareness about sustainable design and decor.

At The Garage Sale, people will experience first-hand how sustainable and repurposed products can be a new way to keep up with the ever-evolving design trends, that is sustainable, affordable, bespoke, and beautiful


What's more? 

The event is being designed in a festive manner, it is to celebrate sustainability and design with a twist. 

We will have Art Installations, Creative Workshops on Art, Pottery, Ceramics, Furniture, and Exhibitors showcasing Vintage Furniture and Refurbished & Repurposed products that you can buy.

We will also have The Design Conference that will host Industry Leaders and Experts sharing their insights on various topics around architecture, furniture, interior design and decor. We will have talks and panel discussions not just about new products and design techniques but also on ways to restore and reinvent the old.


And then we will of course have THE GARAGE SALE

Where you will be able to buy and sell from others at the AUCTION.

So if you have any products that you are not using but are in perfect condition - PASS IT ON.


TGS will create a unique, immersive design experience for all. Witness a wide range of authentic vintage furniture and decor expo along with sustainable design and decor brands on a single platform. Learn about the future of design and network with other design enthusiasts.


It will be a great opportunity to network and collaborate with various businesses and brands, also to strike a relationship with potential buyers. 


Experience an AUCTION drive in person and immerse yourself in the creative and fun environment along with opportunities to learn and share at TGS Design Conference.

With an expected crowd of 10,000+ people, expect serendipitous energy and magic.


We will have leading architecture and design firms, designers, students, and faculty from design and architecture colleges, real estate developers, hotels, coworking & coliving spaces, experiential spaces, and artists. 

We will also be inviting boutique store owners, antique suppliers, and people in the trade along with direct consumers.

We will also have people from the media, design and lifestyle influencers, and people from various design communities.

the garage sale x Sustainable development GOALS (SDGS)


Kalapentry & The Garage Sale is a furniture and decor recovery and refurbishing platform, working towards a sustainable future by means of refurbishing, reusing and reinventing furniture, decor, art & design and preventing wastage from ending up in the landfills, thereby affecting the environment.

Our mission is to minimise wastage by bringing these back to the economy by means of repurposing, reinventing and refurbishing.

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people behind TGS


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