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Finding Creative Inspiration for your Space

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Kalapentry is everything design & creativity. We are a group of creative minds, artists, designers, and architects, that have come together to create a sustainable line of furniture and home decor that is beautiful, friendly, adaptive, and innovative.

Kalapentry is a combination of ‘kala’ which means creativity, and ‘pentry’ is from the word carpentry. We are the Creative Carpenters.

At our core, we want to refurbish and reinvent old furniture, furnishings, and home decor and give them a brand-new life while creating a sustainable line of products for our customers. We are always looking for that junk in your backyard and finding new materials and designs to give it a makeover.


We also provide end-to-end design solutions to create collaborative, community-driven spaces for our clients. We want to build fun, creative & engaging spaces and work with cafes, restaurants, coworking and coliving spaces, offices, community centers, and everything that has community at its core.


Our services include refurbishing the old, space design, space styling, art & decor, and installations. We believe that your space must communicate and translate your ideas, vision, and philosophies to your team, customers, and other stakeholders. Every space has a story to tell and we help you build that story with our design


We also organize various events including The Garage Sale to create awareness about refurbishing, recycling, and reinventing existing furniture and home decor.

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