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  • What is The Garage Sale all about?
    It’s a GARAGE SALE, the biggest one-of-its-kind event of Furniture, Home Decor and Design in the city! The event will bring together brands that are rebuilding the furniture and home decor industry in sustainable ways and will also feature authentic vintage and antique suppliers from all over the country. It will be a one-stop shop for all your interior and home decor needs that is sustainable, bespoke and beautiful. There will be a lot of emphasis on refurbishing, repurposing, up-cycling the old and reinventing the design industry, making it sustainable and environment-friendly. You will be able to buy products from various exhibitors, the flea market, there will live workshops, furniture auction, the design conference, music and food. It is going to be an immersive and creative experience in every way.
  • When is it happening & where?
    The Garage Sale is happening on February 24th, 25th & 26th 2023 It's going to be one creative weekend. Venue: Sports Ground Opp Balewadi High Street, Pune, MH
  • Who should come?
    In one word: EVERYONE! Detail answer: Direct Consumers | Buyers | Design Enthusiasts | Interior Designers | Architects | Sustainability Enthusiasts | Students, even kids. There will be something for everyone. The Garage Sale is for anyone who wants to explore design & home decor in an entirely different light, with a different perspective, can be a design enthusiast, an architect and even a direct consumer. The event is going to showcase not just unique decor products but also create awareness around sustainable design for our homes and workplaces, it will be insightful for the service provider as well as the consumer. It will be a treat for designers, there would be a lot to learn from the industry experts and explore the new developments happening in the field of architecture and design. TGS will be a 3-day event, and will be held for the first time ever in Pune, MH. You will meet some amazing individuals and companies doing extensive work in the field of art, design and decor. So come for an immersive 3-day experience with us at this Garage Sale for your love of design, art and creativity.
  • What will I get to see or experience at the event?
    TGS is going to be a first-of-its-kind creative experience that will showcase sustainable design and decor. It will showcase vintage furniture, antiques, refurbished home decor, furniture and furnishing A flea market that will host a variety of sustainable products from businesses across India. We will also have multiple Workshop Spaces where we will give our audience a hands-on experience with actual materials and methods to create interesting, beautiful home decor products and also understand the process. We will have Pottery, Art, Resin, Ceramic and other workshops. Along with this we will also be hosting a 2-day conference on design, refurbishing and the future of sustainable design and architecture. Lots of food, music, art and everything design. We would have something for everyone, so whether you are a design nerd, an architect, a space stylist or a consumer there would be a lot to explore and experience.
  • How much is the ticket and What will my ticket include?
    The ticket prices are as follows: 1-day access - INR 100 3-day access - INR 250 All tickets include full access to the event, the exhibitor section, flea market, art installations, music and the TGS experience. The tickets for the CONFERENCE have to be purchased separately. The Conference ticket for both days is INR 500 (Early bird) This ticket will give you full access to the conference on both days and access to the event on all 3 days. We have limited seats for the conference so please sign up fast *The ticket does not include Food and DIY Workshops - these will have to be paid for at the event if you wish to take these services.
  • Will have to purchase the conference tickets separately?
    The Conference has limited capacity and tickets for the same will have to be purchased separately. Everyone coming for the conference will have access to the 3-day event as well. To buy the conference tickets click here
  • What is the Conference about?
    The conference side of the event will focus on talks and panel discussions around design, sustainability, environment, and materials. We will be inviting experts from all across India to come on board as speakers and share their experiences and knowledge with our audience. Some of the topics we will cover: - Sustainable Design - Whats that? - The Art of Refurbishing - Eco-Friendly Building Materials - How to start a design company - Future of Architecture and Design wrt to Sustainability - How to start a sustainable product company - How to build a design brand - All about Content Marketing - Design - Become a Design Influencer - How to make art installations out of scrap? - Human behaviour in design - Design is the new brand of leadership - Green materials and design - & more We will host 20-24 sessions across 2 days.
  • How can I apply or collaborate?
    The event is now open and we are accepting invitations to collaborate. The exhibitors, startups and speaker line-ups are all in progress and will be announced soon. We are looking to collaborate with various artists to design the event, host workshops during the event and decor and design brands who would like to exhibit at the event. If you want to collaborate please sign up as a Sponsor, Exhibitor, Speaker, Volunteer or Partner on the home page We are carefully curating this experience for our audience to ensure an amazing experience and create maximum value for all stakeholders. Along with the design exhibits, art installations and talks we will also be organising an auction where people can buy & sell various furniture and home decor products.
  • What is the Auction?
    Auction or The Garage Sale will give individuals a chance to sell & buy home decor and furniture items that are not in use but are in perfectly great condition and pass on to a new owner.
  • What if I have products, but I don't want to participate in the auction?
    We would be accepting underused items as donations, all funds will go to charity and to help service underprivileged homes, schools, colleges etc. We will either sell those products and the money will be donated to the partner charitable organisations or the products as it is will be sent after careful curation and repair.
  • What if my product doesn't sell in the Auction?
    If the product you bring for the Auction, does not sell, you can take it back You can donate it If it is a furniture piece you can refurbish it with Kalapentry and either sell it for better price or use it
  • Can I volunteer for the Event?
    Yes you can. We are looking for volunteers, interns and partners to help us make this event a great success. If you have interest in events and have organised or participated in events at college or place of work please get in touch. We are looking for Business Developers, Marketing, Social Media, Content, Graphic Design and Logistics & Execution Team You can apply here
  • Why should I Volunteer or Intern?
    For starters, this will be a one-of-its-kind experience for you. If you are looking at a career in design or event planning, this will add to your CV. This will also be an opportunity to experience first-hand how an event is organised and the hustle behind it. This will also be a great opportunity to meet companies and founders and get to know them better, an excellent opportunity to apply for jobs. You will also have full access to the event, food will be sponsored and your entire experience will be on us
  • Can I apply to be a Speaker?
    Yes ofcourse! Please visit the speaker section of the website and apply to be a speaker. Someone from the team will be in touch with you, once we receive your application.
  • Who can Exhibit at TGS?
    If you are a Sustainable brand, i.e. the products you create are environment friendly or you are recycling and up-cycling waste to create usable products, then you are a great fit for this event and you must definitely exhibit. We are looking to onboard the following categories of products: - Furniture - Decor - Art - Vintage & Antique - Other sustainable products like toys, clothes, etc Please get in touch with us for any questions you may have, we will be happy to help you understand and onboard you for the event!
  • Can I apply to be an Exhibitor?
    Yes of course! Please visit the exhibitor section of the website and apply to be an exhibitor. Someone from the team will be in touch with you, once we receive your application.
  • Can I Sponsor this initiative?
    Yes of course! Please visit the sponsorship section of the website and apply to sponsor the event. Someone from the team will be in touch with you, once we receive your application.
  • Can I partner for this event? How?
    Yes of course! There are various ways in which we can collaborate and explore partnerships.We request you to please email us on and we will be in touch to discuss further details.
  • Who is organising this event?
    The Garage Sale is being organised by Kalapentry Design Studio LLP We are a design firm based in Pune and we focus on refurbishing and reinventing old furniture and home decor. We also design creative spaces, provide design consultancy, space styling and research with an expertise in community-centric spaces. We have organised 3 Garage Sales in the past at a different scale and after some due diligence we are finally taking the leap and organising a large scale Sustainable Design & Furniture event in Pune.
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